Office Location

Greenwich Village/Union Square

My office is located at 113 University Place on the 9th floor of an elevator building on the southeast corner of University Place and 13th Street. 

It is only steps away from Union Square and a short walk from PATH trains, NYU, and the New School. 

You can reach it easily by taking a 4-5-6-L-N-R-Q train to Union Square 14th Street.  Or the PATH-B-D-F-M train to 6th Avenue and 14th Street. The street along the western edge of Union Square Park is called Union Square West until you cross 14th Street, then it is called University Place. Walk south on University Place one block to reach my office. 

When coming for an appointment, buzz me at 902, come up to the 9th Floor, and make yourself comfortable in Waiting Room A.  Unisex bathrooms are within the suite for your convenience. 

113 University Pl